Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jan. 29: The Photoshoot

I had such a grand time during our photo shoot that I almost didn't want the day to end. We were all beginning to bond well with each other, joking around, almost as if we're not competing. I guess this is how the contenders in the Pinoy Dream Academy or Pinoy Big Brother feel, they form this special bond inside the house that they almost forget that they are in a competition.

While waiting for our turn, I formed my "Boys Over Flowers" group, of course inspired by the popular Korean and Japanese series. The concept was very fun because we ended up looking like characters from a Korean teleseries.

More of our behind-the-scenes pictures in here.

And here's my picture from the photo shoot... I just grabbed it from one of the photographers hehehe. There will be more coming soon, so hold your horses hehe


Check out the rest here.

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