Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan. 17: The Help

Just this morning I approached Mrs. Khoury, A I S's fabulous music teacher, to ask her help me with my song choice and my breathing. But when I told that I was competing in a singing contest, IMMEDIATELY, without second thoughts, she said she'd be willing to coach me! It came as a shock at first because it was more than I was asking for. But needless to say I was overjoyed by the help she's offering me. I have been praying for someone to aid me with my singing and here she was telling me that she'd be more than happy to help me out! She was like an answered prayer!

Meanwhile, in the library, Ms. Laurie Dukes and Ms. Siti were so enthusiastic and supportive that they are willing to help me during my preparations and watch me during the competition.

I feel soooo lucky right now to have very wonderful friends and co-workers that I can almost cry. :'D

For the meantime, I have been doing some breathing exercises, vocal trainings and facial exercises on my own. I have been working out like crazy. And right now, I am designing my costume and researching on the perfect look that would fit my song choice. I have alreasy chosen a song but I will not reveal it just yet. So you'll just have to watch out for the first elimination round. *wink*

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