Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan. 20-21: The Training

I started my vocal training yesterday with Ms. Khoury, and it’s so amazing how much I’ve learned from her in just 30 minutes. We did some vocal exercises, and since it was my first time to do this again with a professional music teacher I felt tense and I wasn’t able to reach the high octaves, although Ms. Khoury believes I could do it I just have to focus and hit the notes hard.

When I finally came to sing my piece to her I was amazed at how many mistakes I made and how out of pitch I was. In my ear, I thought I was doing okay, but to a pro’s ear she was able to hear my mistakes. It really does makes a huge difference to have someone hear you sing other than yourself, in that way, they could judge you and find your mistakes that you haven’t noticed.

Today is the second day of my vocal training and I was able to reach the three octaves that we were trying to hit yesterday. I was more relaxed compared to the first day. We only had 15 minutes to train, but still I was thankful for the little time we had because I was able to learn how to control my voice by being able to listen to the notes and try to nail them.

I hope I’ll do better next meeting. For now, I will just have to continue practicing.

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