Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan. 15: The Auditions

The night before, I slept earlier than usual (on a weekend) because I wanted to be feeling in tip top shape on the day of the auditions. Needless to say I woke up early with great spirits, having 8 hours of sleep. I arrived at the auditions 30 minutes earlier, talk about trying to impress the judges LOL.

After signing the audition forms, I sat along with the other people auditioning and waited for more people to come in.

The auditions started about an hour later than the announced audition time. But it was just fine, it gave me enough time to internalize though I wasn't able to vocalize (I don't know how hehe).

As I walked in the room, I felt my whole body shaking. There were four judges and a cameraman, who was  documenting the whole scene. It was like a scene in the American Idol auditions, me standing in front with the judges looking nice but serious. They made me introduce myself, asked a couple of questions about myself and then asked me to sing my piece. I sang I Turn to You by Christina Aguilera and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Actually, I was only prepared to sing I Turn to You but when I got to the venue I was informed that we were going to be asked to sing a fast song. And since Bad Romance kept playing in my head since the night before, that was the first thing that popped into my mind LOL.

Of course just like in the American Idol, they commented on my singing and stuff. They also said I was pretty and I looked like Christina Aguilera LOL. The good thing about auditioning for this competition is that the judges clap after each performance, which boosts up the confidence of the person auditioning.

Anyway, the results they said were going to be announced by 12:30 pm, but since there were a lot of people who came in to audition, the results came in a little bit late. At about 1pm, we were all asked to come in once again. While we were all inside, they called us one by one. I was the first of course, I went in the middle, and all the judges gave me...  A SMILEY WITH AN OKAY SIGN which meant I WAS IN!!!

Mr. Rani shook my hand while handing a card, which was an official sign that I was really part of the competition:

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