Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Perfect Song

The hardest part of being in a singing contest is PICKING THE RIGHT SONG.

It has to be the one that suits my voice, the one that would have a great impact on the audience, the one where I could have much drama on stage and best of all the one that would fit my style.

It took me more than a week to find the perfect song, often times spending most of my free time just searching on the net, asking people around and checking other resources for that PERFECT SONG.

But finally after much thinking and debating I have decided on something where I could dance to the song and something that suits my personality...

NOBODY by the Korean girl group WONDER GIRLS. :D

My plan is to try to reconstruct the song according to my voice and also reconstruct the mp3 to a different arrangement than the original.

Now, the next problem would be... the costume... :p

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

FEBRUARY 26: The Fighter

February 26, marked the first fight for the Pop Icon title. All of the contenders felt the tension amidst the laughter and chitchatting... it was time.

I arrived at the Philippine Embassy feeling refreshed. Before I went to the venue I worked out, vocalised, ate a hefty meal, drank herbal tea and took a short nap while listening to classical music. I made sure that all of the things I will be needing in the competition were ready and good to go. Everything were prepared and so was I.

All the contenders were still bonding and laughing backstage despite the uneasiness everybody were feeling. Finally, after four Fridays of rehearsals and workshops it was time for us to shine and show our stuff.

We started the show by performing "THE CLIMB" by Joe, the 2009 winner of X-Factor, then we hurried of backstage to dress-up for our performance.

I was contestant number 8, but somehow when we were called to the side of the stage I felt tense and thought to myself that I needed some more time to rehearse my high notes... so I prayed. And as if God heard me, the call for the Aisha prayer came and so the show had to stop in respect. That gave me ample time to prepare.

When my turn finally came, I answered the interview questions with much confidence... and then the performance.

The moment I walked to the center I didn't feel anything, everything went black and I felt like I was possessed by the music. It didn't matter how I looked or sounded, I just wanted to give everything I've got and perform well. I felt like a pop star! At the end of my performance I was surprised because I heard lots of people cheering for me when I didn't even brought so many people to root for me.

I stumbled and fell... but I stood up and tried again. Despite all obstacles, I WAS ABLE TO MAKE IT TO THE NEXT ROUND!

With dedication, passion and determination, I rose and became one of the victors. I was definitely a fighter that night.