Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Thank You

FINALLY! All my hard work has paid off! I have my voice back and I am very well conditioned for the competition tonight! And it's all thanks to my friends, family and vocal coaches who had stuck with me 'til the end! PLUS of course my determination to win and my passion for singing helped too. :)

There are so many people to thank... so I'm gonna start with:

MY MOM, who stuck with me from the very beginning and has supported me in all my endeavors... She's my number one supporter in this POP ICON competition... My stage mom, thank YOU! I will be a much better daughter to my mama from now on! I LOVE YOU MA!

MY DAD, who patiently drove me to practices, Pop Icon rehearsals and costume fittings. :)

MY SIBLINGS, who are always there supporting me and cheering me on!

MARK BADONG, who graciously took some time off from his busy schedule to watch me sing every night and bring inspiration. Thank you for giving me my strength and passion back. This song is for you and you know it! :)

MICHAEL ARLOU DE DIOS, who listened to my woes every night and gave me time to think about what I should do to pull myself up again. Thanks for being such a wonderful and supportive friend! And for giving me HK! I will bring her tonight! ^^

MRS. KHOURY, for always believing in me and giving so much confidence! And for taking some valuable time each day to coach me for free in your class. I am sorry for those times that I felt I couldn't do it, but I am thankful that you have so much faith in what I could do! :)

CRISTINA PENALOSA, for being a very patient vocal coach! You've done so much in polishing my song and helping me get back on track after getting sick! I would still be singing sharps and flats if it weren't for you!

JEI-C, who gave me that very powerful message that woke me up from my desperation! I will never forget what you said, that my enemy is me and I am my only inspiration. That my song is about being a fighter so I should fight... and so I AM FIGHTING! :D

MS. LAURIE and MS. SITTI, two of the most wonderful co-workers in the world! Thank you for lifting me up each day and for allowing me to go to Ms. Khoury for my training even during work times hehehe. :)

MY FRIENDS AT FACEBOOK/MULTIPLY, POP ICON S2 and S3... Thank you for all your wonderful and inspiring messages! Thanks for taking time to vote for me as well. :)

And above all... GOD THE ALMIGHTY, for Whom I owe all these blessings. If it weren't for God I wouldn't be in this competition. Thank you Lord!!! This fight is for YOU!

The competition is tonight at 5PM KSA/10PM PHIL. at the Philippine Embassy here in Riyadh! Please take some time to pray for me or send me some positive vibes. :)

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